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10129 W. 187th Street Mokena, IL 60448 708-479-3696

10129 W. 187th Street Mokena, IL 60448 708-479-3696

10129 W. 187th Street Mokena, IL 60448 708-479-369610129 W. 187th Street Mokena, IL 60448 708-479-3696

Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association

Let Horses Lead You

EAGALA creates real opportunities for honest feedback in real time, helping you uncover problems and find real solutions so you can experience life in a whole new way.

Engaging. Active. Effective.

EAGALA gives families, groups, and individuals of any age the chance to get to the root of their problems, find better ways to communicate, and build healthier relationships. 

For Any Problem

EAGALA is an increasingly popular method of treating addictions, trauma, social and behavioral disorders, depression, and more. Clients have reported that they have been able to change and grow more effectively and quickly than through traditional approaches. 

On The Ground

Not to be confused with therapeutic riding, EAGALA is 100% ground-based. You don't need to be a rider to get started. Absolutely no prior horse experience is required. 

Group Effort

With teams made up of licensed mental health professionals, equine specialists, and horses, you'll have everything you need to reach your personal development goals. 

How Can I Get Started?

Please visit to learn more about the EAGALA mission.

To learn more about the Equine Assisted Psychotherapy services offered at Nova, please contact

 our office at 708-479-3696 and ask to speak with Lorri Ebeling or Kathleen Carlson.