Customer Praise

I have been riding at Nova for about 3 years.  Nova is a wonderful place with great people who share a love for horses. Lorri and Sam are the best at helping you learn about horses whether it's riding or caring for horses and offer everything from riding lessons to summer horse camps to opportunities to show horses. 

 My daughter just finished the horse camp and loved it! The staff were great-very encouraging and genuine with teaching the girls. Loved the show at the end of camp! A great experience! 


Such an amazing place with amazing people! Couldn’t ask for a better place for my daughter to take lessons! 

She would live there if she could!

We had a girl scout event at Nova to earn our Juniors girl scout horse riding patch. We arrived in the office, picked out helmets and went to meet the horses. The staff member who ran our event was very knowledgeable, fun and so good with the kids. She had some great ideas for pictures of our girls, which were some of the best photos we have taken as a troop. We learned about grooming the horses and the staff had selected horses for each of the girls to ride. They helped get each girl who wanted to ride get onto her horse and then taught them how to communicate with the horses so they would go where they wanted. They rode around in the barn slowly until everyone was pretty good then did a light trot. It was in the 90s so we stayed in the barn out of the sun. Most of the girls were asking when we would come back before we even left. Nice facilities, friendly staff.  Great experience!

Nova takes pride in investing their time into students who want to learn how to ride. They help build your confidence in handling the horses from the ground & are dedicated to helping you grow in knowledge & skill. No matter how long you ride at Nova, there is always something to learn! I love how Nova encourages students to come early to meet their horse & be involved in learning how to groom & tack up their horse. This begins the relationship you get to experience at Nova with the horses & staff. Just ask anyone who has spent time riding at Nova, you begin your lessons as a student but are quickly accepted as part of the Nova family! Once in the saddle, Nova works on developing the correct skills to learn how to truly ride. Nova works hard at teaching each individual how to be in control once in the saddle. It’s not about riding in a circle, it’s all about learning how to ask your horse to respond to what you ask it to do, with respect! They start by developing & perfecting the basic skills & then they willingly move you to the next level of learning. No matter what your goals are, Nova is dedicated to helping you reach your best potential!

The instructor was so patient and kind with our special needs daughter who was a first time rider. We did not know what to expect, but they made her love it! 

Lorri, I just wanted to take the time to let you know you are appreciated! Nova Advanced Summer Camp is always my favorite summer camp and I look forward to it all year long. Thank you for all of the hard work and drive you put in every day to help me and my fellow campers improve as horsewomen and riders. By far, my favorite parts of camp are the trail ride, learning more about not only riding, but hard work, patience and responsibility. Thank you for committing to make sure that the trail ride is fun and enjoyable for everyone, all while teaching us important techniques like loading safely and being careful on trail. I don't know how to thank you enough for making this camp as great as it was! Thank you so much. 

Nova has given me so much! Everyone there is so kind and caring. The horses are very well taken care of. They always teach me something new every lesson. All the instructors are extremely nice and educated with horses! It’s an amazing barn and it is like one big family. Over the past 4 years they have taught me so much and allowed me to grow as a person and a rider. I cannot thank them enough. Every time I come here I have so much fun. They do so many events and they always run so smoothly. Thank you Nova! 

Living with one of the rarest diseases, it is super important to me to make special memories with my family members. Lorri was more than amazing. It literally was a dream ride, getting to spend time with my big sister. Plus, this is the first time in 14 years I was able to forget all the bad stuff and actually have fun and felt as if my world melted away. I loved brushing the horses, getting to feed them the treats etc. I recommend Nova to everyone! I can't wait till I can to back. It was very therapeutic and the first time I haven't been stressed in a long time. Amazing, I think everyone needs to experience Nova. 

The staff could not be any more welcoming and friendly if they tried. My daughter has now been riding there for about 9 months, and wow…. she has grown SO much. Not just as a rider, but I can see her confidence in herself growing as well. They treat her so kindly, as if she’s always been one of the gang. They are patient with her (and man is she a talker) they answer ALL her questions, teach her not only how to ride but how to care for the tack and the horses – even her horse show questions! I was very impressed that they start to introduce them to what showing a horse is all about so young. They even get ribbons during the Nova shows, it’s the sweetest thing. Her favorite day of the week is by far lessons day. I am pretty sure if she had the choice she would live at the barn because she feels so comfortable and happy there. We have dubbed it her happy place. And as a parent that is truly what you want when you are looking to enroll your child in an activity.  If you are looking to start your kiddo on the path of horseback riding with a group of knowledgeable, passionate, caring people - look no further! Thank you Lorri and all the staff for being who you are! You are absolutely wonderful! 

I just wanted to let you know that today was a much needed break and good time from the week, if not month, we have been having.  To see Aubrey ride and have an amazing time means a lot to us.  She is still talking about how fun it was. I know it is a lot of hard work but it helped in more ways than I can express. Thank you for being you and running a great stable.