Adaptive Riding

 Nova is proud to offer experiences with horses to individuals with disabilities. Working with animals has long been known to have far-reaching benefits whether it be for physical/mental health or social-emotional well-being. While some people may initially be afraid of working with horses due to their size, we have found that there is no better animal to teach compassion, courage, patience, understanding, confidence, and leadership skills.

Adaptive Riding Lessons are customized to the need of each individual rider. Riding is a great way for individuals to improve gross and fine motor skills, balance, posture, coordination and communication. Lessons are taught by experienced instructors and are currently available in a private or group setting.

Private Lessons can be scheduled by calling our office at 708-479-3696. 

Group Lessons take place on Wednesdays from 4:30-5:15 and include horse care as well as riding instruction. 

Meet Our Riders



 "Growing up with a disability like Cerebral Palsy can be hard some days. I look forward to when I can ride. I feel free and there are no worries when I ride. It's just me and the horse. I used to ride horses when I was smaller for therapy and always wanted to take on riding again. At a time when I was looking to fulfill one of my goals in life, Nova found me. Nova not only continues to help me achieve my dreams, but I am mentally and physically improving myself. I balance myself better, sit up straighter and carry myself with more confidence when I walk. I am so appreciative of Lorri, Sam and Tiffany because they always believe in me even on my tough days. Nova is so supportive of all their riders." 



 Mark started taking weekly private Adaptive Riding lessons in January 2018. Mark has learned how to groom and prepare a horse for his lesson. Mark is able to walk the horse to and from the arena independently and mount/dismount with assistance. He has graduated from riding on a lunge line to riding independently. Mark knows how to tell his horse to walk, trot, stop and reverse. He continues to impress his instructor with following direction and getting the correct results. Mark loves riding so much, he now takes private lessons twice a week! He's even participated in two of our student horse shows!   



 Nineteen years ago, John was involved in a car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Shortly after, John was diagnosed with Lupus and four years later with Multiple Sclerosis. John’s love for horses led him to finding Nova. He began taking riding lessons as well as lessons in ground work like halter and showmanship. John enjoys working with Nova horse Dunkin; he, John, and John's service dog Buggs are a great trio. Together they have participated in several Halter and Showmanship classes at local open shows as well as at Nova Student Shows. John is very thankful for Nova’s Adaptive Riding Program saying it makes him feel like an equal again.